Making the right connections for your financial future.

Experienced Investor relations and donor relations Consulting

Making the right connections for your financial future.

Combining Unique experience with a passion for Your success!


Our Mission

"My mission is to facilitate success for innovative ideas and causes through tailored strategies, collaboration and introductions to make an impact." Konni



Guiding entities through structure and communication with donors, impact investors and investors for a customized approach to growth.

Working with individuals to problem solve as their financial advocate.

 With over 20 years of experience in investor behavior, donor behavior and  individual financial education, we provide the motivation and integrity to problem solve and build that tailored conduit for your financial success.   


Why Konni?


 Investor Relations: Konni was a licensed financial professional for 17 years.  Starting her career in 1999, she specialized in raw materials and natural resource opportunities.  She played an integral part in the launch, breaking of escrow, and building what became the number one performing index fund in any asset class in the world, the Rogers Raw Materials Funds.  Client requests led her to join forces with Euro Pacific Capital where her expertise expanded to include foreign equities, currencies, and expansion projects on the global stage. 

Throughout her career she has raised capital, managed over $100MM, directed channel relations, including compliance, and built solid longstanding client relationships..

In 2008 she brought that expertise to the non-profit arena.


 Donor Relations: Konni has been actively involved with alternative therapy non-profit organizations across the country for over 10 years.  With a passion for making an impact, she understands why donors donate and how 501c3 programs can navigate their success.  She works with public-private partnerships, major gifts and currently serves on the advisory board of Mill Circle Equestrian outside of Boston.  


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