The Financial Consulting and Concierge Service


KMH Unlimited LLC., something different, something better, that nobody else is doing…… finding that right tailored financial professional ‘fit’ for you!

Introducing Konni Harrison – The Financial Concierge who is focused on service, integrity and efficiency on behalf of her clients.

We are your first step to your last in finding that financial professional who truly works for you and your interests!


KMH Unlimited LLC is centered around providing exclusive, independent, unbiased financial concierge and consulting services. Clients are given solutions to their financial inquiries with a personal, experienced, thorough, professional approach. We work with clients that range from the novice to the highly sophisticated investor.  
We believe investments don’t have to be a foreign language, they just have to be done right and make sense. 

Our service provides the homework, the research, and the interviews with financial advisors.  We are with you every step of the way to interpret the language and ask the hard questions while keeping the process an efficient and productive use of your time. We are the expert advocate for you, on your side of the table. 

* We receive no compensation from any firms or individual advisors so there is no conflict of interest.  We work for you!

~ Our obligation doesn’t end there, KMH monitors the progress of that new relationship with your financial professional for a period of 1 year to help ensure that transition remains positive.

~  We educate, introduce, monitor, and answer the questions no one else can answer.

~  We provide guidance and take away stress during life changing events.

~  Our experience is research and conversations with hundreds of underwriters, big wire houses, investment companies, specialty boutiques, and the individual advisors themselves.  KMH is a trusted expert for clients and will go that extra mile.

~  What we do not do is put you on the receiving end of a sales pitch or try to sell you a product.

~  We provide an exclusive cutting edge service, the next logical step in the financial industry!


**MONDAY MESSAGE  4/14   We are all facing anxiety with taxes this time of year.  While you are in the tax document zone, there is something else you need to check.  

When was the last time you updated your 401k paperwork?  Have your beneficiaries changed?  Is the information you provided years ago still relevaent?  Do you have an old 401k that you have left where it was from an old employer?   Look at it, update the information.  Unless of course you want to give Uncle Sam MORE of your hard earned dollars!

Be prepared for the unexpected, the what ifs, and the maybes.  Keep your paperwork relevant!

You deserve knowledgeable financial professionals looking out for your  investments and financal strategy.   Have the confidence that you are prepared for the unexpected.  

Let KMH be your advocate, on your side of the table, to find that right fit financial advisor for you.  Hold your financial professionals accountable and answer any questions you have by having your own personal industry expert working for you.  

May your taxes be done and filed!  Enjoy the week!

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