KMH Unlimited LLC.

Financial Concierge,

Financial Consulting and

 Financial Relationship services   

 Financial Services that create the connections that matter for your financial future! 

Let us introduce you to the best and the brightest in the industry to guide you through your financial future!


KMH Unlimited LLC does 3 things exceptionally well: 

1) Give high net worth clients options on where and with whom to invest the unconventional investments.

~LLC’s, partnerships, physical gold and silver in investment accounts, real estate, foreign currencies, etc.

2) Make introductions to traditional Financial Advisors clients want to work with.

~ From big wire houses to banks to specialty boutiques to money managers, who is the right fit for you?  Let us be your advocate and sit on your side of the table.

Our ultimate service:

3)  Your Financial Operations Relationship Manager and Advocate. 

Through the attention to detail and being the center of communication of the financial team, we keep our client’s individual strategies clear, efficient and provide a solid system of accountability.   We save our clients time and money as their personal ‘go to’ financial expert and advocate.

What we do:  We give our clients independent security and peace of mind when it comes to their financial future.

As your Financial Operations Manager we will….

~ Create your tailored financial team:  Financial Advisor, Legal Counsel, CPA.

~ Negotiate all fees and expenses.

~ Take care of all the logistics including paperwork and research.

~ Remain your personal advocate to keep communication and strategies on target within your financial team.

~ Keep your financial team accountable by retaining and analyzing  copies of  financial documents including statements, estate plans, wills and tax returns.

~ Attend meetings with you when you meet with the individual entities of your financial team.

~ Remain accessible whenever you need us for answers, advice and expert counsel.  Your personal financial expert.

~ Schedule meetings with you, your families and beneficiaries to keep everybody on the same page when it comes to your wishes for the future.


 We are the 24/7 accessible, fiercely protective financial advocate.


We make sure your money is protected and treated with respect.    We are the constant expert for our clients.  The communication and transparency with the client’s tailored team is our priority.  KMH Unlimited exists to build and maintain our client’s financial individuality, security and lifestyle.  It’s all in the details, just ask our current clients!


“I’ve been doing business with Konni for the past twelve years and she has been great. She never pushes high fee products or funds. She will answer any questions you have and she is easy to get in touch with. Whether you’re an experienced investor or a beginner, Konni will take the time to individualize your investment needs. I’ve had five previous brokerage accounts before I met Konni and she is by far the most intelligent and nicest person I’ve met in the financial business.”  Edison, NJ

“I began working with Konni Harrison in the early 2000s and I trust her to provide good advice and excellent supervision of the funds my wife and I have been able to set aside.  She also provides a comfort factor, in that — in the event that I depart this life unexpectedly — I know my wife can lean on her for perspective and help with financial matters.”  Fredericksburg, VA 


KMH Unlimited LLC ultimate service specializes in bringing athletes and agents stability and financial freedom throughout their careers and beyond, without being taken advantage of.  With the athlete’s focus being performance and results, they need advocacy, the guidance and the checks and balances that KMH can deliver.  The future and continued financial success is the attention to detail which is KMH Unlimited’s expertise.  We work with our clients regarding everything from finding the right financial advisors through the completion of paperwork to holding their comprehensive financial team accountable.  KMH brings this service together through the attention to detail and the coordination of a financial team, their financial team, for the benefit of clients.

KMH is the trusted expert and will go those extra miles and extra hours for our clients.


“Konni was extremely helpful with me. I had been dealing with a lawsuit and lawyers about a particular stock transaction that had been in the courts for over 5 years. I mentioned it to Konni and she said she’d take care of it quickly. She called several people who were involved in the law case, and got prompt answers, and completion to my problem in a day and a half. It took me 5 years going no where and she did it in a day and a half. She is very effecient, trustworthy, and assertive.”  Chicago, IL

*  We work for you.  Are we a good fit? 


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