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Konni Harrison

What are they talking about?  Interpreting the financial language.

I was a licensed financial professional for 17 years.  I started my career at a small independent discount brokerage firm in 1999 specializing in raw materials and natural resource opportunities.  There was a handful, 3 of us, who played an integral part in the launch, breaking of escrow, and building of a raw materials index fund.  Within 2 years it became the number one performing index fund, in any asset class in the world; the Rogers Raw Materials Funds.  Client requests then led me to join forces with a foreign equity firm where my expertise grew to include foreign equities, currencies, and expansion projects on the global stage.
Over the years I have experience with big banks to independent investment firms.  I’ve performed administration and compliance for start up funds.  I have built relationships with clients, corporations, brokerage firms, trading desks, and regulators.  Let my experience, insights and stories transform your financial conversations!