Konni’s Bio

DSC00926Konni Harrison was a licensed financial professional for 17 years.  Starting her career at Oakbrook Investment Brokers in 1999, she specialized in raw materials and natural resource opportunities for her clients.   She played an integral part in the launch, breaking of escrow, and building what became a number one performing index fund in any asset class in the world, the Rogers Raw Materials Funds.
Client requests led her to join forces with Euro Pacific Capital where her expertise expanded to equities, currencies, and expansion projects on the global stage.
Over the years she has experienced big wire houses to independent investment firms, she has done administration and compliance for start up funds, she has built relationships with clients, brokerage firms, trading desks, and regulators.  This is an industry she knows inside and out!

Konni has now brought it all together to offer  her services as a consultant, speaker and make introductions on the global stage to provide insights, tools and be a conduit for success through KMH Unlimited LLC.

Integrity – Strength and firmness of character or principle; honesty that can be trusted.